Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge and familiars finished

I finally finished the Ogroid and familiars... I decided to do 4, since the info I could find online suggested that's all you need in the game.  Anyway, it would be pretty fast to paint up the rest if needed.

The Ogroid painted up fairly well, although the runes in his skin are a bit tricky.  They aren't a uniform depth, so it makes it hard to get nice crisp lines.  Kind of disappointing, but I think he turned out ok.

I also started working on the heros from the box... the first Sigmar guy has been base coated and is ready for some highlights and washes.  He should paint up fast with since I'm using metallic golds and the gloss washes for like 90% of the model.  I also have the priest and dwarf primed, so they'll be up next.

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