DIY movement trays

Here's my first stab at DIY movement trays for my WFB orcs and goblins. Its all illustration board and a bit of PVA glue. I've given some a coat of textured spray paint to see how that would look. The ultimate goal is to magnetize them. I think the way I'm going to do that is using a magnetic sheet (from the dollar store, the type for putting things on your fridge) and small magnets in the bases of my guys (stuck on with green stuff).


  1. Hi Paul,

    Good luck with your Orcs and Goblins project. I wanted to ask if you'd like to join our Warhammer Fantasy community. We are always looking for keen bloggers to join our forum.

    If you're interested we'd be happy to welcome you in:-

    Battle Reporter Fantasy Forum

    All the best,
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  2. Looking good dude. I can see the importance of magnetising the trays, especially for the greenskins. Is the edge of the tray going to stay straight edged, or you considering making it bevelled?

    I'll keep an eye on this, looks like it could be a very interesting project.


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