MWG warhammer sale

Just a heads up that my friends over at are having a birthday sale at the end of the month. Why is this newsworthy? Well, two reasons; firstly, it will save you money on your warhammer, warmachine and hobby supplies purchases, and secondly, following the links and making purchases will help support this blog. The videos after the link will explain everything, but a quick summary includes:
20% off Warhammer, Warmachine and Hordes
30% off Hobby Supplies
Free paintbrush with $100 purchase
Free magnets with $100 purchase (sign up for email to get coupon code).
Free magnet tutorial videos

Finally, the really cool thing, they will give you a month's access to their membership area, which is where the Apocalypse battle report videos are being posted. The first installment with the setup and player interviews has already been posted.
Again, the links

Happy Wargaming.

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