Orcs and Goblins begin

Last night I started my Orcs and Goblins warhammer fantasy army. I've been accumulating the models for quite some time, and now that I don't have any big 40k deadlines I'm going to try and get this going. I've had some of them since about 2001, but the majority came from Games Workshop's Bizarre Bizarre this past spring. I traded a bunch of my old 2nd edition Orks for GW gift certificates and lots of models. I also have 2 sets of the Skull Pass models and a bunch of metal models. In the last picture you can see my Space Hulk Terminators. They are on hold for a little while, but last night I finished putting together the genestealers.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! More WFB stuff! I love O&G armies, as they exhude character and allow for some crazy conversions.


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