Reaper Bone Triad

I managed to fit in a little painting last night... this time working on my black orcs. I'm adding the bone coloured bits right now and using the Reaper Bone colours for it. This is one of the aspects of the Reaper range that I like; the organization of colours into triads. I layer things the same, however I don't really need to mix things and I always know what colours will work together. I also know that the colours will end up looking the same across my army since I'm not mixing things each time. It ends up being a bit more expensive (because I'm buying more paints), but I like results.


  1. I do the same thing with my paints so I get consistent results across the board.

  2. @RonSaikowski - I wish GW organized their paints the same way. The GW paint sets come with a card showing how to shade and highlight, but its not intuitive which ones they are calling for (and I don't have a lot of the paints they suggest). With the Reaper paints the paints are numbered (as well as named) so you know exactly which ones go together.

    I especially like the Reaper reds. There is a chain of 6 that give really deep shadows right up to bright highlights. The steps are just right and a little transparency helps with the blending.


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