Cave Trolls (almost done)

Getting closer... I hopefully will have them finished tonight. I finished the red, bone, rope and metal sections. Now its just some details and the cow before I finish off the bases.

I've noticed a couple things have been added to the clearance bin over at Most tempting for me right now is another copy of Assault on Black Reach for $63 CDN (I can never have too many orks, and I plan on starting blood angels when they come out), the ork Truk for $25.20 CDN as well as a couple other deals too good to pass up.


  1. Those are coming along nicely! I must admit I enjoy painting Trolls, never tried using an airbrush though, does it save much time or improve things?

  2. @Dave - Thanks. Doing the airbrushing for the base coat does save time (kind of) but not much when you factor in cleaning it out and all that. Really the reason is for the ability to blend smoothly. I find that I can achieve much nicer looking colours with it, and that justifies the hassle of cleaning out out.


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