Cave Trolls

I'm going to start painting my 2nd and 3rd cave trolls now. I have two from the Battle for Skull Pass box, and I picked up a 3rd in MWG's sale last week. I wanted the two plastic ones to look a bit different, so I carved out the dwarf bit in his hands and replaced it with the cow from the giant kit. I think it'll add a nice bit of character to the unit. Here's a link to the troll I painted back in August.


  1. Lovely conversion!

    There looks like there is a nasty gap in the cows neck though. I'm sure you have that sorted out already.

    Can't wait to see what you do with this mini.

  2. Is he gonna eat the cow or throw it?

    Nice conversion.

  3. @ Vinny - Yeah, I'll have to fill that gap. The cow comes in two parts, and that's going to need some filler

    @STF - Thanks... Knowing my luck he'll probably end up eating the cow, but throwing it would probably be more effective on the battlefield.

  4. Man that is an Awesome conversion! Nice work!


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