Spiders almost done

I feel like I keep saying almost... but time has been limited (I've got a midterm tomorrow), so I'm just picking away at these. I managed to highlight the green, give it a green wash, paint the bases and base coat the fangs and stinger (they'll be off white).


  1. They look great already! Waiting to see the final pics :)

  2. looking good

    and no offense but you're doing so many updates that I wonder why you don't do maybe half as many and paint more??

  3. @Zealot - Yeah... it would seem that way, eh? I take the pics with an eye-fi card, so uploading the pics is automatic, and I usually post the next morning. My last midterm is this morning, so hopefully I'll be able to get more than a half hour or so of painting in before each update.

  4. Oh, I wish uploading pics was that easy for me :)

    I mean its quick but resizing/white balance and stuff take me a few minutes.

  5. @Zealot - yeah, it is that easy... everything goes straight to picasa (resizing done automatically) and I don't retouch anything (set white balance in camera).

    Good news is that I made lots of progress yesterday on the Space Hulk Terminators. Post coming shortly.


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