White Dwarf 357 (October 2009) Review

What's inside:
Space wolves, space wolves, space wolves. (Codex overview, new model overview, battle report)

pg 03: new releases
pg 12: news
pg 73: citadel snow and overprices hobby tools
pg 76: Jervis' article
pg 86: hall of fame
pg 104: upcoming events

pg 16: Space wolves Codex stuff
pg 32: LOTR campaign stuff
pg 36: WFB heros article

pg 76: Space wolves plastic kit sales article
pg 88: Master class painting article (Space Wolves)
pg 98: Terrain showcase

Battle Report
pg 52: Space wolves vs. Chaos Deamons

Bottom line, if you're interested in Space Wolves, this is the issue for you. WD seems to swing the focus between 40k, WFB and LOTR. This month is clearly 40k.

The Space wolves articles make sure you know how great the new models are and gives you a small bit of insight into what the new codex offers. Back in the day they used to publish some of the rules to give you a taste, but none of that now. There are a couple painting articles that have nice pictures and techniques. The 'eavy metal one is the usual... you need every paint in the set, but the results are impressive.

The Fantasy article is disappointing, with no real meat. It would have been better with more tactic ideas and more detailed army lists.

I like the terrain articles and the pictures give some great ideas on stuff I'd love to build. The battle report has some nice table top scenery as well and great pictures of how they whole board was set up.

Overall, the usual white dwarf contents. Nice pictures, good coverage of the new stuff, and some hobby ideas. I enjoyed reading it, the space wolves stuff is pretty cool... I even contemplated starting a SW army.

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  1. Here's a small update on this white dwarf. I'm in the process of starting a Space wolf army from scratch and I find I'm coming back to this WD often. I'm using the painting article as reference and checking out the sample armies for ideas.


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