Apocalyse Game: Tyranid invasion

Well, Saturday's apoc game was a success for me... I managed to distract close to 6000 points of dark angels and Eldar with 3000 points of orks. The game was the finale to a campaign we've been playing at miniwargaming.com. It started with some space hulk missions. This was followed by some city fight missions and then planet strike, all coming to a close with this Apocalypse game. There were 10,000 points of Imperial verses 10,000 points of Tyranids with an additional 3000 points of Orks and Eldar thrown into the mix.

Anyway, my ork army was fairly simple and was only there to serve as a distraction to the imperium.

3000 points:
2 stompas
2 Big meks with Kustom Force Fields
3 Battle wagons with deff rollas and big shootas
1 Skulla Hamma battlefortress
30 ork boyz with nob (Power klaw, boss pole)
19 ork boyz with nob (power klaw, boss pole)
19 ork boyz with nob (power klaw, boss pole)
19 gretchin with runtheard
19 gretchin with runtheard
14 gretchin with runtheard

I ended up having Andrew's 50 death wing terminators teleport in behind me, and Joe's eldar were in front. In the end it was a sort of mutually assured distruction. Both my stompas went Apocalyptic and after all was said and done there were only 2 terminators left. I also made a decent dent in the Eldar.

Videos will be posted at Miniwargaming.com's members area in the near future, and in three months those will migrate over to youtube. I'll be posting whatever is available when that happens on here (I should have some other videos moving over to youtube shortly).

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