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Seeing as this Friday is black friday, my friends over at are having a large Black Friday sale. These are probably some of the best deals out there for Canadians, and is a decent deal for our neighbors to the south. Shipping is $8 for orders under $100, or $10 for orders over $100 (USA and Canada) **UPDATE** Free shipping for orders over $100 to the USA and Canada**. They also have the new Tyranid battle force on advanced order, so I think it will apply for this sale.

Anyway, check it out if you're interested... sale starts Friday at noon and ends Monday at noon.

They also have a wish list contest (kind of like GW's, but with 10 winners being announced before Christmas).

Here are some of the advertised deals:
-40k Battleforces (up to $33 off)
-Fantasy Battalions (up to $33 off)
-Assault on Black Reach ($23 off)
-Battle for Skull Pass ($23 off)
-Mines of Moria ($26 off)
-Warmachine Battle Boxes ($16 off)
-Hordes Warpacks ($16 off)
-Flames of War Starter Set ($12 off)
-Monsterpocalypse Starter Sets ($7.50 off)
-All main rulebooks - 40k, Fantasy, LoTR, Monsterpocalypse,
Flames of War, Warmachine, and Hordes (up to $20 off)

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  1. Update, this just in... Free shipping is back! Orders over $100 ship to the USA and Canada free, over $300 for Europe and Australia.


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