Goblin's shields

Today I decided that the goblins were finished enough to add the shields. This turned out a little worse than I had hoped. I initially glued the shields to their forearms thinking that there would be more surface to glue, and they would look more realistic. This turned out to be a mistake because when I tried to rank them all together nothing fit. This added to the challenges I had with the spears meant that nothing would fit. So, I decided to rip them off and glue them on the front of their left hands as shown on the GW site. I'm hoping they will rank up better. The part that sucks is that I'm going to have to touch up the paint on their left arms where the glue is left over.

I still have to paint the skulls on half the shields, finish off the champion, musician and standard bearer.

1 comment:

  1. Sad to hear that pal... I had same kind of problem with my Black orcs regiment... I had glued almost all together, when I found out that their not going to fit in ranks... It was a squabble :( Bright side was that I hadn´t painted them yet...


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