Next project: Goblins

Here's the next big project I'll be undertaking... 40 goblins. I'm expecting to get side tracked along the way, but that's ok with a unit this size. The one thing I'm debating is whether or not to convert hand weapons for them. It seems the way to go for the +1 save in close combat as opposed to the 2nd rank getting in there with spears. Hey, does anybody know if the 2nd rank gets to fight if they are charged? The rules say something about not moving that turn. Too bad GW doesn't provide hand weapons on the sprue.
And I'm using one of the regiment bases for the command section... I'm not sure if this is a good idea... anybody have suggestions about this as well?


  1. I am surprised that you unit box did not come with hand weapons. The advantage to playing fantasy is the model does not need to have the weapon that you give it. 40K has the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) rule so if you say a model has a Big Shoota then the model must have it. In fantasy you can say a unit has hand weapons but the models are holding spears, it is ok. They do this for fantasy so that you can try different unit options without having to purchase another unit of models. As to a unit being charged using the second rank in combat I could not find anything that says they don't. I know if you charge them into combat then the second rank goes away for the first round of combat. If you are charged then you get the to use the second rank. Lastly, I am not a fan of putting my command all on one base. Then you will always have the same command. If you want to put a hero or lord in the unit then they will be off to the side and not in the center. It is just a personal preference.

  2. Page 55 of the BRB states that models with spears can fight in two ranks, as long as they are engaged from the front (doesn't work when your unit gets flanked or rear charged). Additionally, "In order to employ all of its additional ranks as described, a unit must not have moved in that turn." Therefore, you are allowed to fight in two ranks if you get charged, but not if you do the charging.

    @a - I agree about the command-on-one-base comment. To expand on your reasoning, if you happen to place a character in there, and the champion accepts a challenge on that character's behalf, how are you going to remove the champion model if it dies in the challenge?

  3. @Shrink to fit - Thanks for the rule book reference. I was looking at the same part, but since I've only played 3 games of Fantasy I wasn't sure if that's what it meant.

    @a & Shrink - Thanks for the feedback about the command base. I think I'll pop them off that base and go with the regular bases. I think it'd look cool, but yeah, not as practical in a game.


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