Spider Riders done

Finally. These guys got bumped due to the space hulk game last week, but I've finally finished them off. I decided on blue for the feathers (reaper Sapphire, true and sky blue triad), and the moss green for the shields. I did the skin a little different than usual, and also used reaper greens for it.

Anyway, here they are. They already have magnets on their bases, so I just need to make a movement tray and add some magnetic paint to it.


  1. Great job on the Spider Riders! Everything looks good. Specially I like those blue feathers. Blue goes nicely in the unit. Maybe I´ll steal that idea :D
    I have 20 spider riders waiting to get painted...

  2. @Alexander Man- Thanks. I stole the idea from the O&G book, so feel free to use all the blue you like. I've got another 10 spider riders plus the boss on a giant spider that are further down my "to do" list.

  3. I really love these models. You did an excellent job painting them up.


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