Space Hulk Battle Report

So, after that week of trying to get my terminators table top ready I faced off against Joe at (you may remember him from: Joe on the Road, Eldar Tatica X, and Orktoberfest). Of course, because of the recent threat of H1N1, Joe insisted on playing with a mask and gloves until it was established that I didn't have a recent or worsening cough or fever.

Joe decided to keep the gloves on to help prevent giving the dice the usual curse that he seems to have.

Anyway, in the narriative campaign that Matt has lined up it was decided that we would play mission IV. I was the marine player, and Joe the Tyranids. In setting up I put my sergents last because I was going to leave them behind to cover my flanks and put the flamer and assault cannon in the lead.

Anyway, I ended up losing my assault cannon, and 3 other terminators, but won the game with my flamer taking out both rooms. It came down to the wire, and if I hadn't drawn 4 command points in the last turn I probably would have lost (I needed some extra because it takes 2 for the flamer to fire). It was a lot of fun, and much more enjoyable with (almost) painted terminators. After the space hulk games were done a bunch of city fight games were played (I didn't participate in those). Next weekend is Planet assault, and in three weeks an Apocalypse game.
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