Spear Chukka base coats done

I managed a bit of time last night working on the spear chukkas. The base coat is a mix of bestial brown and fortress grey drybrushed with fortress grey then washed with scorched brown. The metal is boltgun, and the red is reaper deep red followed by blood red. Next they will get a devlin mud wash (everything).

First red highlight

I also want to mention some great deals over at store.miniwargaming.com. Of course they have the black friday deal, but I just checked their clearence section, and see the Fortress of Redemption for 30% off ($83.13 CDN) as well as the Ork megaforce ($164.50 CDN). There are a couple other deals in there (free shipping over $100 of course), but those two really stuck out to me. ***update*** it appears that this was a stocking issue with the store inventory system, and was corrected when the MWG staff arrived at work in the morning. I don't know if anybody was able to get those prices, but the stock levels (5 of each) appear the same, so I don't think anybody jumped on it in time.***

Here's what I've done with the goblins to keep track of where they go... used a paint marker to label them. "A" is the first rank, "B" second, "C" third, etc.

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  1. Chukkas look great! I do the same trick with the rank and file troop bases, so I can fit the minis in the ranks ;) It´s a good system...


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