White Dwarf 358 (November 2009) Review

What's inside:
Skaven, Space Wolves, Skaven, LOTR, Skaven. (Army book overview, new model overview, battle report)

pg 03: new releases
pg 10: news
pg 74: Jervis' article
pg 78: Extension of Jervis' article
pg 104: Frontline (events)

pg 14: Skaven Stuff
pg 28: LOTR campaign stuff
pg 34: LOTR campaign stuff
pg 42: Space Wolves campaign stuff
pg 76: Squat... er, White Dwarf Subscription model

pg 80: Painting Masters article
pg 88: Space wolf army painting article
pg 94: LOTR easterlings article (Table top quality)
pg 90: Master class painting article (Khan - White Scars)

Battle Report
pg 52: Skaven vs. Dwarfs

Bottom line, if you're interested in Skaven, there are plenty of pretty pics of the new products you can buy. WD seems to swing the focus between 40k, WFB and LOTR. This month is clearly Fantasy heavy, although there is more 40k stuff in this issue than there was fantasy in the last one.

This issue seemed to be heavier on the painting articles. Stage by stage includes: Painting Ratmen (full page), Easterlings (4 pages), 'Eavy metal Khan(8 pages). I love these articles, as I spend most of my hobby time painting, and any new ideas are welcomed.

Much like last month, everything looked so great with the Skaven stuff that I wanted to start another army. Of course, I can't as I have way too much stuff to paint already. The Skaven stuff is fantastic, and I can't wait to see some of it on the table top.

Since this article already contains more words than I've read in the new WD, I'm going stop, otherwise I'll seem like I've read it. I haven't. These come once a month, and I spend most of that time looking at the pictures.

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