Fenresian Wolves conversion

Here's something I've been working on for a while... Fenresian wolves made from Dire Wolves, Goblin wolf heads and some green stuff. I'll be posting a much more indepth article in the future at miniwargaming.com, but for now here's some pictures of my work in progress. Unfortunately I only have 8 wolf heads (from 2 goblin boxes), so that's all I've been able to make so far.


  1. Nice looking wolves there. I dig how the head works well with the body. A tamed feral look if there can be such a thing.

  2. @CaptainA - Thanks. I'm in no way an expert with green stuff, but I've been really surprised how well the hair blended. I only used green stuff on the backs of 2 of the wolves to get the hair look... the other 6 I used thick acrylic gel medium and a tooth pick (much faster and easier and similar results). Again, more pics and a full explaniation will be available on miniwargaming in the near future (I'll post a link when its online). I still need to finish painting and basing these guys, so its going to be a little bit more time.

  3. I love the Dire Wolves box! So fun. I've got a 40K conversion of my own planned for them, but YOURS is amazing. Since Space Wolves Codex dropped, there've been a few awkward Fenresian conversions on-line; yours are by far the best I've seen. By far.

    Well done, sir!


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