More Forge World Biker boss pics

Here's a couple more pictures of the Forge World Ork Bike boss I'm working on for's Painting Deathmatch. I have until the end of the month to finish him off, and I think that's a reasonable goal. The reds were done with reaper paints and some GW baal wash and glazes with GW blood red.


  1. Looking good so far..! Mean looking bike :)

  2. Nice. Good highlights and I particularly like the coloring on the seat. One thing to watch out for is highlighting red with white. Every time I've done it, it goes through a shade of pink (which I presume is not the desired effect).

    Granted, yours doesn't look pink, per se, but it's skirting pretty close. If you take this post to heart and find another way to paint red, do let me know though. I'm always looking. :)

    Certainly a model to be proud of...

  3. @Warhammer 39,999 - Yeah, the pink/orange problem is constant. I've used reaper paints for this red, and I find that they are more on the pink side. I think I'll avoid this by doing some GW blood red glazes. I find that works fairly well, but its a constant battle trying to get bright rich reds without ending up orange or pink.


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