Space Wolf Dreadnought

Here's a couple pics of the Space Wolves dreadnought I painted up the other day. I airbrushed the base colours (Reaper blue grey triad) and managed to do the rest of the details in about an hour and a half. Its based on an Assault on Black Reach dread with a Space Wolves shield glued and another icon glued on the front. Works for me.

Just a note, my first article about building my Space Wolves army is posted on (no login required, free article). I'll be posting articles weekly with a bit more detail then I go into in these blog posts, however this will still be the better source for what I'm working on currently. I teach painting classes at's brick and mortar store every other Thursday night. Also, they are having a big clearance sale that's been building all week. Things are currently 40% off, and there's lots of warmachine and hordes stuff left (check it out here []).


  1. @Zealot - thanks. Its just some slate with woodland scenics snow flock. Its key to put a white base coat before putting on the snow on top, and even then you need multiple layers.


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