Space Wolves long fangs (part 1)

I've finally started painting up the long fangs squad. I've got 2 las cannons, 2 heavy bolters and a missle launcher in this squad. I base coated these guys a little while ago (same airbrush technique as before) and now I'm working on the details. I went ahead and did their shoulder pads with base colours (astronomicon grey and tanscript ocre) and since taking this photo I've painted their heavy weapons black. I'll add a bit of bolt gun metal, some gold trim, skin and hair and these guys should be good to go.

Here's a couple pics from before I started painting.


  1. nice
    check out my blog
    and you also have an acount on MWG
    i subscribed to you

  2. @koen - yeah, I do articles for Check out my channel for more Space wolves stuff as well as how-to articles here.


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