Space Wolves Razorback WIP

Here's the Razorback I've been working on. Again, I airbrushed the base colours (blue-grey) and am just adding some details (which are very few). There was a question yesterday about how I airbrush this... its actually quite simple, and great for table top level of detail. If I was aiming for something a bit higher I would probably add some washes or weathering, but for now I"m just doing to base colours (Reaper Midnight blue/Twilight blue/Snow shadow triad plus Ghost white). These paints go straight into my airbrush with a little flow improver.

I start with the darkest colour and cover everything. Then I work the lighter colours on the higher points and end up with a light dusting with the ghost white. The end is a nice looking colour variation that is very fast and looks decent on the board. Its easier to see what I did on the vehicles, but the same process was used on the vehicles.

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