Trygon Painting WIP

Here's a couple pics of the Trygon work in progress... Since I'm painting it for Matthew over at I've used his colour scheme. I airbrushed the base yellow colours and some hightlights, but the red has been all by hand. I hope to add some highlights with the airbrush, but we'll have to see how that works out. I had hoped to get further on it last night, but I still have a ton of stuff to finish.


  1. There was an assembled and painted Trigon at our local gaming shop... It´s really impressive miniature. The shop keeper told me that it was a bloody project... for the plastic parts are made with laser cutting... the miniatures claws are actually really sharp!!! He cut himself few times. (Clumsy butter hook)
    Nice painting so far Man!

  2. Really? I'd have to disagree. This model went together really easily and I didn't find the arms particularly pointy. All the parts fit nicely and require minimal sanding on the joints. The talons aren't as sharp as the night goblin spears from Battle for Skull Pass, mostly because they are longer, so have a little flex to them.


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