Killa Kans

I've just finished the article on about Killa Kans. I added 3/16" magnets to the arms so all the arms are fully interchangeable. I was really surprised because at the end of it there was nothing left on the sprues... you get one extra gun arm and one extra close combat weapon (without the arm). That's it. I'm not complaining, since you do get 3 kans in a box, and if you get the deff dread as well then you've got plenty of weapons to make competitive builds... but it is a little different.

Check out the Kan article here
Check out the Deff Dread article here

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  1. That was something I noticed too - the lack of additional bitz on the frame. The pieces provided let you build one of each load out, with no doubling up. Like you pointed out, the Dread comes with loads of stuff, but these don't. I guess any self respecting warboss will have a ton of bits anyway, and you do get 3 sweet ass kans in the kit. I'm expecting an upgrade frame to be released in the future, like they did with the battlewagon and the new nid sprues.


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