Army display board

Here's my work in progress for a quick and dirty display that I plan on using for Astronomi-con this weekend. Just some foam hills on a piece of wood. My army basically covers the whole area, so I don't really have any room to add emblishments, which is ok because I don't have time to make or paint them ether. I should note though that it is semi-magnetized. There is magnetic paint under the sand, and each of my orks (and 3 of the 4 battle wagons) have magnets on their bases. This makes things a little more sturdy, and I carry most of the army around in an old metal tool case.

I used the foam cutter in's terrain building room. A video about how fireman Tim built it can be found here. It was surprisingly easy, and I'm beginning to think of ideas for a table I'd like to build for the club.

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