Highland tuft and display board

I ran out of time, but here's what I was able to do in about 45 minutes of painting with my airbrush. It could really use a clear coat of something, but I'm afraid of spraying over the foam (the paint is thin). Anyway, it'll have to do because I won't have time to work on it tomorrow. I just hope the sand doesn't come off before judging. Not that I think the display will win, but it should help my score.

I also put some final touches on my warboss and big mek. I picked up some Army Builder highland tuft and glued it on. I had to get the fantasy base pack, so only a tiny amount of tufts come with that, but I have some of the bigger packs on order.


  1. The grass tufts are very nice and I like the display board too. I've wanted to build one for every army I've ever painted and never done it. Good job sir.

    I'm intrigued by the concept of magnetic paint. Where did you find such a thing?

  2. The magnetic paint is from Michael's craft store

  3. I like a lot your color scheme and the color in your big mek targeter looks great.


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