Astorath and Sanguinor

Just picked up Astorath, and man, this model is amazing. I would love to do a conversion by getting rid of the scrolls on the backpack and putting him on a flying base, but I don't have time for that... so he's going together without any conversions. Anyway... he's got an amazing pose and I can't wait to paint him up. Oh, and Sanguinor looks pretty good... I think I might give him a non metallic metal try. Should be ok since they did a masterclass in the latest white dwarf.


  1. the white dwarf masterclass is quite good in teachin you how to do NMM but its quite hard :( (< NOOB)read it over to see what each step is doing first then read the wholle thing. you probably didnt have to read this anway because your too good at painting anyways :P

  2. Id love to see a dante & sangy guard army all done in non-metallics

  3. Yeah... NMM... I gave it a shot a little while ago with a grey night marine. I started doing it with Dante, but gave up because I wanted to finish him faster. I think I'll follow the WD article for the Sanguinar and see how it works out.


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