Commander Dante finished

Here's some pics of my shiny new Commander Dante (to go with the Sanguinary guard). Used all the same methods of painting, just spent more time on the fine details. The base is made from a wine bottle cork and I just ran a wire up through it into his foot to make sure it didn't break.

When I finished the Sanguinary guard I gave them a matte spray finish, which made the gold quite dull. I went back and gave all the gold bits a coat future floor polish and everything is good again. This was a good, quick fix and I think it helped improve the look. I did the same for Dante (although I'm not sure if it was before or after these pics)


  1. That looks absolutely top-notch there, paul. Great job on the axe, it looks superb. The details are what make this model, and you made the details perfectly!

  2. Very, very good painting. I like scenic bases but yours might be a bit too high for gaming purposes :)

  3. Gorgeous, i do hope youve got a good weight under the base! Id be sad if dante was afraid of hill slopes :P


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