Lamartes done

After a busy month (of not painting) this guy is finally done. I had to put him on hold while I finished up some orks for Astronomi-con, but I was able to finish him up this week. I followed the painting guide for the Legion of the Damned master class in white dwarf 360, but used some reaper paints as well as GW ones. Specifically with the black armour, as I find reaper has a few more grey tones which saves me mixing too many paints. I have a hard time hitting the same colour twice when I mix, so this is great substitute. Also, my source for reaper paints ( had a sale last week and I was able to get almost all the remaining paints in the reaper set (probably all the ones I want, but there are some coloured metallics left that I don't have).

I bought my Lamartes from the miniwargaming online store here

Pervious posts about Lamartes can be found here:
Larmartes wip (black armour)
Larmartes wip (base colours)

Anyway, here are some pics of Lamartes completed. Please feel free to post questions in the comments section.


  1. Very Nice, and I love how all the colours come together so well !!

  2. Excellent Figure. Great skull, easily the focus point and shows real character. Nice job!

  3. That's stunning. Absolutely stunning!

    The black looks great and is highlighted just enough. May I ask, how have you painted the skull helmet?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Simply gorgeous! I'll echo Nick - I'd love to know what colors you used to achieve the helmet. Keep up the great work!

  5. @Nick - Thanks. The Skull was done with a combination of GW and Reaper paints.

    Khemri Brown (GW-Foundation)
    50/50 Badab Black, Devlin Mud (GW-Wash)
    Leviathan Purple (GW-Wash)
    Bone Shadow (Reaper)
    Aged Bone (Reaper)
    Polished Bone (Reaper)
    Linen White (Reaper)

  6. Excellent work, simply excellent.

  7. Without a doubt...the BEST example of painting black armor that I have ever seen. Outstanding!


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