Blood Angels Assault Squad finished

Here's that squad I was working on all complete. Nothing fancy here, but I do like how the yellow on their helmets turned out. I used the reaper yellows for the highlights and then went over it with a sunburst yellow glaze and it made it a wicked rich yellow. Very happy with that.

The other neat thing about these guys is that the bases are done with coffee grinds. I have an espresso machine, so I just dried out the grinds and used them like I would sand or pebbles (white glue, scorched earth base coat, etc).


  1. They look sweet!! I never tire of seeing peoples Blood Angels!! I'm going to be a dick though and say "Drill out the barrels!", a small niggle, aside from that they rock! Good work.

  2. Kudos. I have always wanted to use coffee grounds for something. I tried to weather an Ork Trukk with actual coffee once. so-so results. Made coffee dough for molding but it holds no detail.


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