Blood Angels Assault Squad

Here's a couple pics of an a 10 man assault squad I'm working on. Nothing fancy, just some stuff to justify all the special characters I've been painting :)

I've started doing my bases a little more "realistic" rather than just using static grass. I'm doing the dirt with grass patches now, and for the dirt I'm using coffee grinds. Well, espresso grinds actually. I really like the look and have an endless supply of them. Also, since they are basically scorched brown to start with I think they have potential to be a little faster and easier. The bottom picture is with a base coat of scorched brown, highlight of bestial brown and a drybrush of Kommando Khaki. There will be better pictures when these guys are all done.


  1. Hi I was looking at your Blood Angels and they are really great, what primer do you use for them?

  2. @Alagard - I used Army Painter Pure Red. That stuff is almost an exact match to GW's blood red, but goes on like a foundation (Great coverage).


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