Island of Blood Prince on Griffin

Here's another video painting tutorial for the Griffin character model that's been getting a lot of attention. Obviously this is a spectacular model, but what's even better is that its plastic, so it won't fall apart or was easy to assemble. I also found him quite easy to paint since there aren't too many different colours.
More pictures and tutorials can be found on my channel


  1. Quick question, being from the UK I do not have access to Reaper paints but was wondering what would be the GW equivelents for the NMM Gold?

  2. I'd use snakebite leather, scorched brown, devlin mud, iyanden darksun and skull white. You'll have to play around with those to get it to suit your taste, but that should be a good start.

  3. Could you add to this page, the break down of the paints used. On different areas like you have on your new paint guides, eg the lore master.

    1. Sweeney - check out the Skycutter tutorial... the paints used would be the same


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