Space Wolves Lists revisted

Well, now that there's a new batch of Space Wolves coming out I'm going to start revisiting the list I have painted up. I've ordered a set of thunderwolves from (sale on now) as well as the finecast banner guy.

The list I ran before was:

Logan Grimnar
Canis Wolfborn (with 2 wolves)

15 blood claws + wolf guard
5 Grey hunters + wolf guard in a Rhino
5 Grey hunters + wolf guard in a Razorback
1 wolf guard on attack bike

Heavy Support
Long fangs + cyclone terminator in a drop pod
Landraider crusader with multi-melta

It pretty much sucked.  Other stuff I've got painted include a wolf guard terminator squad, vindicator, Njal and Lucas.  In my painting pile I've got some scouts, more marines and wolf guard terminators.  Any suggestions for lists that include some thunder wolves?

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