New range Review video (from Buypainted)

Just watched this review, and while it is quite critical I really value it.  This guy has lots of amazing videos on youtube and clearly knows his hobby stuff, so I'd recommend watching this.  Not sure what the end result is going to be for me, I still haven't bought any of the new paints and I'm debating switching over to Vallejo or staying with my Reaper paints.

Any other input out there?


  1. Loving Buypainted's work and his review is fair and unbiased. I'm very dissapointed by the new paints which is a real shame because the foundations and washes were a step in the right direction.

  2. I posted my initial thoughts on my blog. I am trying to stay positive, but this release is really a mixed bag. The paints do flow better, but the metallics ate aweful, and some of my important colors are gone. I believe this release is great for the novice painter, but is a difficult transition for those of us who have painted for years.

  3. @Drathmere: The novice painter is who this is all targeted at... Look at how they are showing you that you need 4 paints to get a particular look.


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