Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors WIP

Here's how these guys are progressing.  I posted last week about giving them a base coat with my airbrush, well now I'm laying down the other base colours.  I'm following the painting guide from the 2012 How to Paint Citadel Miniatures, except for the armour which I've done in greens with my airbrush.  Coming along nicely and should have this batch of 10 done quickly enough.

After the airbrushed base colours I drybrushed them with the Helion green dry paint to pull out the edge highlights.


  1. Your warriors are looking amazing. You are dragging me kicking and screaming into the world of airbrushing. (something I have not ever touched).

    Nice job on these. I look forward to seeing the finished models.

    1. Airbrushing is neat, but not necessary. I tend to use it for basecoating large amounts of models and vehicles to save time.


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