Dark Eldar Airbrushing base coats

Here's some pics of the first stages of my upcoming Dark Eldar army.  Like I've mentioned before, I've accumulated enough stuff for an army and now just need to paint it all... so to help speed that up I've airbrushed the base colours on the vehicles.  I used the dark eldar green blue base and layers.  I started with a black spray then covered everything with the Kabalite base and did the highlights with the corresponding layers.

For using the new paints in the drybrush I watered them down about 50/50 with water.  They seemed to work well and I didn't have any issues.  I bought a bunch of disposable droppers from ebay to transfer the paints to the airbrush and mix the water.  This meant I didn't have to pour them and worry about wasting them.


  1. Replies
    1. For this I used my Iwata Custom Micron, but I also have an Iwata Eclipse (about 15 years old)

  2. Have you ever tried the GW one? I've been curious to pick it up and try it...

    1. The GW one is a single action external mix spray gun... So its not really an airbrush. Theirs is good for base coating only... kind of like a can of spray paint. It has its uses, but you wouldn't be able to do the kind of stuff I'm showing here.


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