Dark Vengeance Chosen Marines WIP 1

Here's the first set of pics for the Chaos Chosen Marines from Dark Vengeance.  The detail is pretty cool on these guys, but I always find the metallic edging takes a lot of extra time.  This was true for Space Wolves, and I'm seeing it again with these guys.  It'd almost be better to start with a complete coat of metallic, wash it then start painting the colours on top of that (like I do with some ork stuff).  Anyway, too late for that with these guys, so here we go...

Also, I've added the paint swatches to the end of the post... I usually do that with the final video, but I figure it might help now too.


  1. Looking great(as usual).

    You mentioned speeding up the tedious process of painting the metallic edges by using a metallic coat first, do you have any other posts where you've explained/shown this method?

    1. I sprayed my high elf spear men silver before painting them... and I've done some orks that way... spray black, quick boltgun base coat, wash, then start adding the other colours

    2. Thanks, I've found the videos.


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