GW Gives away free Codex books... in Japan

Just came across this news story... apparently GW is actually giving things away to gain market share.  In Japan pdf's of the Codex books can be downloaded for free (some, mostly fantasy).  I don't know how long this practice has been going on, but hopefully it works there and they think about doing it for some of the english language ones.

In browsing the site (via google translate) it looks like some of the updates and campaign books are free kind of like how GW used to do this for old WD articles.

Check it out here (you may have to change the country to Japan):

This story was found here:


  1. Hello,

    I'm living in Japan, and also read japanese.
    We do not have White Dwarf in Japanese (only english version), and most of Japanese people do not read english very well.

    So to make those rules available also in Japan, GW provided japanese translation of rules that you can only found in White Dwarf: Codex Sister of Battle, Space Marine Stormtalon, Ork Dakkajet.

    There are also translations for the supplements Planetstrikes and Spearhead.

  2. I'd imagine its cheaper just just put these up for free than get them printed as I imagine the market is pretty small in Japan, comparitivley


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