How to Paint NMM Gold

Here's a tutorial showing (at 2x speed) exactly how I painted the non-metallic metal on the Phoenix Guard I just did.  There were a bunch of requests on youtube for a tutorial like this where I film the whole process.  I've mentioned before that I use Reaper paints for this, but in this I have used GW paints.  I get a lot more requests for the specific GW paints, but I actually prefer the Reaper ones for NMM.  They have a slightly more yellow look straight out of the bottle, which I like.  To due true NMM you would want to use more steps, but this is a quick process that is great for blocks of troops.

1 comment:

  1. That was amazing.
    Thank you.
    I'm sure I'll totally screw it up when I try it, but at least I feel inspired to try NMM's now. I've always been terrified, so thanks!


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