Ultramarine Landraider Finished (and tutorial)

Here's that landraider that I painted alongside the Rhino a few weeks back. The techniques were basically identical, but a bit of a larger model to work with.  I have since picked up some AK pigment fixer and will try that instead of spraying the model after the weathering powders.  This should help them show up better, and I'll probably go back and do more weathering powders on this at a later date.

The painting guide for the paints I used are below along with the video.

1 comment:

  1. Stupid...Beakie...transport.
    It's very nice...he says, grudgingly. The Forge World doors are always a nice addition, I love the weathering, and even the exhaust looks fantastic. Oh, and kudos for rolling with the classic Godhammer pattern lascanons.
    Still hates da Beakies, though.


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