Imperial Knight Assembly Video

Wow... that took much longer than I expected.  I embarked on an assembly and magnetization tutorial, and ended up with a video almost an hour long.  It turns out there isn't much magnetization needed on this.  There are some shared parts for the gun, and you can do a sort of hybrid version that lets you swap out the main bits.  I had intended to make a short and concise video showing how to swap them out, but in the end I'll have to do a blog post with some screen shots.

Anyway, this is an impressive kit when assembled.  Its 6" tall, and as you can see below, not as tall as a stompa, but still quite large.  I've also compared it to a land raider and mega-dread below.

The assembly video goes through the whole process, start to finish, showing which parts I left off for better access during painting. There are some tips along the way, so if this is the sort of thing that interests you, you can watch it while you assemble yours (pausing between steps to catch up).

I hope to have it painted soon, but this thing is large, so I'm not sure how long that will take...

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