Imperial Knight Unboxing

I've just picked up one of the new Imperial Knights, and its impressive.  I've got an unboxing video below and I have some thoughts about ridges on GW kits below.  I'll be doing an assembly and magnetization video shortly and will follow up with a painting video.

There has been some talk about ridges visible on curved surfaces of some of the new models GW has released.  The ridges are visible on some of the GW photos (dwarf gyrocoptor), and people have speculated that they are from 3d printing. I think I have some photos that disprove this theory, and help my thought that its due to CNC cutter passes while making the plastic mold.  I think GW is trying to reduce the cost by reducing the number of passes, which in turn means a less polished surface on the mold.  This is what leaves those ridges.  Normally they are almost invisible, but on some complex curved surfaces you can see some remnants.  Here are some pics that I think show what I'm talking about:

Does this matter?  Well, it depends.  For tabletop level painting, no.  For showcase level, yes.  If you're airbrushing it'll probably be more obvious.

 do an assembly and magnetization video shortly, but for now here's some pics I took while unboxing.

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