Legion of the Damned (tutorial and Guide)

My first memory of Legion of the Damned was when the first Games Workshop store opened in Toronto and they sold a limited edition Legion Sergent.  Of course I was collecting Orks and my brother Blood Angels, so he got the guy.  He ended up doing a full squad using regular marines with flames and bones painted on regular armour.

Anyway, these models aren't quite as old as that, and they're finecast (failcast?) but have still been around for a while.  I've wanted  to paint them up since the Space Marine codex came out last year, but only got around to them now.  I dug out an old White Dwarf painting article (from the previous paint set) and basically followed it to paint up this squad.  Nothing earth shattering, just your typical black armour, bones and flames, but the painting guide is below along with a video tutorial.  Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. The most 'Metal Looking' of all da Beakies.
    Nice werk!


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