Ork Trukk Tutorial and Guide

Here's my latest addition to my Ork collection.  I've had this truck assembled and primed for quite a while, but never got around to painting it (like so many other things).  I've come up with a decent method of cutting time off Ork vehicles by spraying them with a silver base before painting.  Its not a solid colour, more of a directional layer over a black base.  From here the washes and a drybrush of necron compound finished with some weathering powders does the trick.  The additional colours help breakup the mini, in this cae black, yellow and bronze.

I have some shoota boyz with after market gas masks to go with this, so hopefully I get to painting them up relatively soon.

1 comment:

  1. Great yellow! Thanks for this. I am always looking for new ways to paint my bad moonz!


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