Ork Mek Gun Assembly video

Here's a video showing how the new Mek Gun assembles up.  I have plans to kitbash the left over bits and a trukk to make some more guns for a whole battery.  More pics after the break.

I was surprised how big this thing is... much larger than my old 2nd edition tracktor kannon and pulsa rokkit.  Also, I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of magnetization options.  I'm a bit disappointed by the guards on it too... the lack of options means if you have 5 of these side by side they are going to look pretty similar, which isn't what you're looking for with Orks.

It also isn't really compatible with the Kannon, zapp gun or lobba from the battle wagon kit.  We'll have to see how my kit bash looks next to this.


  1. Looking forward to the kit bash! Your blog is one of my favs!

  2. If this kit bash works out I might need to convert up a squad for my warband.


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