Ork Mek Unboxing, Assembly and Magnetization

Here's the new plastic Ork Mek boy, and I magnetized his one arm so that I could swap the kill saw and wrench depending on my list.  Its pretty simple to do, just a 1/8" magnet in the body and a 1/16" magnet in each arm.  I show how to set them in the video, nothing magic there.

Anyway, a cool model, and will be helpful to have to give a little variety besides the Mek in the lootas box.


  1. I watch all your video and I'm always surprised of the way you wipe out the glue with your fingers. Don't you ever glue them together manipulating the superglue?

    1. I'm not using super glue in these videos... Tamiya extra thin plastic glue, so no danger of sticking my fingers together. When I do use superglue I use accelerator (insta-set) to speed things up.

    2. Do you find the plastic glue helps weld the seams together?

    3. absolutely, I prefer plastic glue. however, if you are going to use superglue, accelerator is a must have... it makes life so much better. I don't usually spray it though, I just dab a little near what I'm gluing and let it flow.

    4. Thanks paul! Is tamiya extra thin your favorite? You seem to use it often in your vids.

    5. Greg - yeah, its may fav. It doesn't smell too bad and I really like the brush applicator. There are other options, but its what I've come back to. I had high hopes for the GW thin stuff, but the metal tube kept clogging, so was too much hassle to use.

    6. Thanks Paul. I'm always looking for new recommendations. I generally use the "gel style" super glue from loctite, which works pretty well in most instances, but i always end up sticking my fingers to part. The way you build your models looks extremely intuitive. Just fit together dry fitted, use the glue on the cracks, easy peasy!


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