Gorkanaught deathstar combo

Ok internet, what do you think of this combo?  With the new ork codex a lot of the old dirty tricks were nerfed... my 4 battle wagons with deff rollas aren't going to be much use... same goes for my Nob bikers.  But its just a matter of time before we come up with some new dirty combos.

Here's the concept... take a Gorkanaught, beef it up as much as possible and do whatever you please.  Add a KFF and lots of meks to get all your hull points and weapons back each turn. Heck, this might draw enough attention to let a wack of trukk boyz get across the board untouched.
(note: meks wouldn't be equiped with Kustom Mega-blastas)

Big Mek, KFF, 3 grot oilers, Da Fixer Upperz (115 pts)
Burna boyz, 2 burnas, 3 meks, 3 grot oilers (95 pts)
Gorkanaught, extra armour, grot riggers (275 pts)

Total 485 pts

You could do a similar combo with a Morkanaught, but since it can have a KFF you could just go with a normal HQ mek.  Also, you can only have one Da Fixer Upperz per detachment.  An alternative would be to have the Mek trail behind so he could give a KFF save to something else as well, but stay out of line of sight.

What does this combo do?  Well first off you have a 5+ cover save from all attacks.  Anything that gets through that has to penetrate 13 armour, any crew shaken becomes stunned with the extra armour.  Next you have 5 hull points.  Provided those don't all go in one turn you get to use your mek tools in your shooting phase to repair hull points, weapon destroyed and immobilized results on a 5+.  In this combo you have three meks repairing on 5+ and the big mek repairing on 3+.  Then at the end of your turn the grot riggers repair a further hull point on a 5+.  On average you're repairing 2 hull points per turn and ignoring 1/3 of all incoming shots (invulnerable save against shooting attacks, not cover save).  Of course its going to draw a ton of fire, but that's kind of the point.  This will attract all of the deadly stuff leaving the rest of your army to get in the enemy's face and smash some skulls.  You could double up on this combo, or do a similar one with a Morkanaught but then you're running out of heavy support options for other fun stuff.


  1. The Morkanaught is the superior choice. It's 6" radius KFF can shield the bubblewrap mob of 30 fearless FNP Boyz led by Doc Grotsnik.

    Also the Morkanaught's main gun is Blast so doesn't rely on the Ork's poor BS to hit.

    1. yeah, that would be a good combo. Mad doc is pretty expensive, but a 5++ save is hard to argue with.

      Regarding the Morkanaugh'ts gun... I think it depends on the target. If you're going against troops, terminators, squads of light vehicles then I think the Gorkanaught will do better, but if its against single vehicles then Mork it is.

    2. Agree. Mork is the better choice. The Big Mek KFF is only usable outside of a vehicle now (with him on a bike).

      Two morks will project an utterly massive bubble

      You also don't need 3 mek's, grot oilers, and grot riggers. Can drop the oilers at least, or the riggers. (I believe mek's can still repair hull points?).

      Will need to save as many points as possible to run the dread mob formation.

    3. I like that bubble... the best part is that you use the base, not the hull.

      The meks repair hull points, destroyed weapons or immobilized results on a 5+ (during ork shooting phase instead of firing). The oilers allow a re-roll, and I forgot them in the math, so the odds are even better. The riggers repair a hull point at the end of the ork turn on a 5+.

    4. Aye...but I don't think you need 4 chances a turn to regain a hull point + reroll three of them. It's a lot of wasted points.

      I think you could easily get away with just having the three mek's with some burna's in the gork, and skip the grot riggers and oilers. Saves you 45 points. (or 90 across two of them)

      Three chances to roll a 5+ is pretty good.

      Having three chances, plus three rerolls, plus a fourth chance at the end seems a bit overkill. (just my opinion, haven't tested in combat yet, played black templars yesterday in a 7th game)

  2. Definitely hard to kill in most games. Would be a hard pill to swallow if it gets killed by a hammerhead on turn 1, or a drop-pod sternguard squad though :/

    1. for sure... but then the hammerhead or sternguard aren't doing their damage to anybody else

    2. I think it is more suited to a larger game of 2000+ points. Since a normal game for me is 1500 points or so, my distraction units of deffkoptas and deff dreads usually do the job. Deff dreads with rokkits and grot riggers for 85 points a pop is good distraction unit for me, that creates space for the trukks etc.

    3. If your bubble wrapping then sternguard shouldn't be able to get close enough to malta thanks to the boyz.
      A lucky long range shot (hammer head, Knight etc.) however would suck, or since an eldar lynx is around the 500pts mark a sD hit could ruin your day.

  3. Another thing to consider... getting a trukk for the burnas and placing it in front of the gorkanaught to get a cover save...


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