Shokk Attack Gun Done (and tutorial)

Here's the Shokk attack gun all finished and looking fancy.  I focused on painting this guy rather than trying to do the guns conversion tutorial I have planned.  Since he's so similar to the old model there weren't any surprises, but warp energy around the front of the gun adds a nice touch.

As usual, pics and the painting guide are below along with a video that shows most of the steps with some commentary.


  1. Looks great Paul! Lots of subtle differences between the two guns. I now see where a lot of the sculpting work went. The arms on the new big mek are ripped ridiculously. Guess he's gotta be pretty tough to hold that gun up!

    I'm really surprised they didn't move this model to a 50mm or 60mm base. It's really a giant HQ.

  2. It looks really cool :) I'm working on mine since last week, and I am surprised at how long it take to paint it, it got so many different surfaces and colors to apply. I hope to finish mine this week.
    The lightning and the snortling are the highlights of your paint job :)


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