Ork Mek Tutorial

Here's the new Plastic Ork Mek all painted up in Evil Sunz colours.  I wanted to go with a more traditional Mek look (red with blue pants), but it would be easy to swap the feature colour out for another clan pretty easily.  The magnetized arm looks decent, and I painted up both weapons so that they are available in case I ever get a game in.

As usual, video after the break and painting guide lower down as well as lots of pics of the finished model.


  1. I like this figure, the way it's easy to magnetize his extra arm, and that any other regular Ork arm will fit his right shoulder, just as any ork head will fit his neck.

    Nice painting too btw :-)

  2. Great tutorial. Your videos are easy to follow and well done. Glad you've been enjoying these orks, so I have lots of great reference shots thanks to you :).


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