How to Paint a Broodlord

Here's a quick tutorial showing a nice paint scheme for the Broodlord in Space Hulk.  Since the Tyranid and Blood Angels box is coming out I thought this would be a timely tutorial.  This guy painted up really fast, partly because I had already basecoated and washed the blue before starting.  Otherwise its a straightforward video with results I'm happy with.

**update** there have been some comments on youtube about the length of the video... any thoughts from this crowd?  too short, just right, any feedback?

The painting tutorial I followed can be found on Tale of Painters here:


  1. On the video speed. There is few different crowds of people watching.

    Crowd 1: Wants an overview of how you painted the model, to see if they could find a technique or tip to improve.
    Crowd 2: Wants to match your paintjob exactly based on the video.
    Crowd 3: Just wants to see how another painter works.

    Crowd 2 would want it a bit slower, maybe half the speed.
    Crowd 1 and 3 would be fine with the current speed.

    I'd say maybe try doubling the video length, see how your responses go. As it is, you are not only giving us a video, but photos of the stages as well. As such I personally see the videos of just an overview, to go along with the photos.


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